Eddie Alfaro

Eddie Alfaro

Candidate for Supervisor

San Benito County

Board of Supervisors, District 3


I was born and raised in Hollister, CA. I grew up in the outskirts of Hollister, attended Spring Grove School, and went on to graduate from San Benito High School in 1999.


As a teenager, I worked at B&R Farms as a laborer and later at Baler Market, now known as Hollister Super Market. It is here that I learned the value of hard work. But this is not the only place I learned this, rather, it was from my father. 


My father worked for over 50 years in our local agriculture industry. When I look at his hands, scarred from the years of work, I realize that he did it so that my hands would not be as scared as his. That’s exactly what I want for my children and for the youth in our community. I want the fruits of our hard work to manifest in a more vibrant and prosperous San Benito County. 

Shortly after graduating from San Benito High School, I had the opportunity to become a Park Ranger at Pinnacles National Park. This was a rewarding experience that awakened my interest and commitment to public service. I went on to work with Monterey County Probation, first as a Probation Aide and later transitioned as a Juvenile Institutions Officer.

I have been a Juvenile Institutions Officer for over 16 years and served on special assignments as the Community Service Work Crew Program Officer. From my experience as a Community Service Officer, I had the opportunity to work with youth and make a positive impact on them and their future through community service. I have seen firsthand how it benefits them and they go on to become contributing members of our community.


I have been married to my wife, a local small business owner for 18 years and we have two teenage boys. I would like my kids and your kids to have all of the opportunities to have a great life and become successful members of our community so one-day they can also raise their families here too.    


Regardless of our background and our current circumstances, we are all members of this community and must collectively demand action through our vote. It is time we have someone champion the interests of the people of San Benito County, and I will do exactly that. I humbly ask for your vote this June 7th, 2022.

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