The Issues


Traffic & Road Safety

Like many other San Benito County residents, I
commute every day and worry about the condition and safety of our roads. Accidents and fatalities are becoming even more common. I am
also very concerned with the condition of our infrastructure as our community continues to grow. The status quo is not acceptable; our roads
need to be fixed now.

  • A community road safety campaign

  • Improvements & maintenance to county service roads.

  • Improve communication with federal and state representatives to pursue more funding for road improvements to Hwy 25 and Hwy 156.

  • Increase and improve public transportation to surrounding cities and counties.

  • Increase transportation services for seniors, youth, and people with disabilities.

  • Partner with local large employers to increase vanpools and other mass transportation of employees to reduce traffic.

  • Promote and encourage more Uber and Lift services in San Benito county.

  • Pursue a connection from Hollister to Gilroy's Caltrain station.



My top priority will be our youth by creating better recreational and educational opportunities for them. I will work to work to promote the following:

  • Establish a County Youth Commission

  • Construction of a youth sports facility

  • Safe re-opening of San Justo Lake

  • Increase job and vocational training for high school students and young adults

  • Summer youth employment

  • Community services opportunities for youth


Our housing situation has reached a critical level, families continue to struggle to find quality and affordable housing. Many families are choosing
to leave our county. We must promote and encourage the development of housing that is affordable for the most vulnerable in our community, seniors, farmworkers, low-income families, and young families starting their
new lives. Housing developers should also pay their fair share of the impact on our roads, schools, and public services.

  • Partner with non-profit housing development organizations to build affordable housing for seniors, farmworkers, and young families.

  • Develop an incentive package for housing developers that will build more affordable housing.

  • Establish a first-time home buyers program to assist residents with down payments, home buyer education, financial literacy programs, and credit repair assistance.

  • Partner with agriculture leaders to build farmworker housing.

  • Technical and financial assistance for residents to build accessory dwelling unit,s (ADU's) to accommodate family and provide additional income to families.

County Services

We need a tangible commitment from the County government for our residents and our business community with post-pandemic recovery.

  • Technical and financial support to local businesses facing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Establish an expedited permit process for current and new businesses.

  • Provide customer service training to all county staff.